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We at Easy World Creations thank you for allowing us to be part of your family. It is our sincere hope and desire that our products will make your life easier, your children more productive and responsible and your family happier.
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Is it possible for families to save thousands of hours of time and thousands of dollars over their lifetime by using a product? Is there hope for parents who want their children to become more responsible by helping more around the house on their own without complaining and decrease the amount of time their children spend consuming media? Yes. Read on.


According to an article published by kezj.com in February of 2011, a British survey revealed that a man will spend 1 month of his life searching for sock mates. With this data (considering a household of 4, consisting of 2 adults and 2 children living at home until age 25), Easy World Creations (EWC) deduces that in a families' lifetime, a household will spend 1,980 hours searching for sock mates. In September of 2012, dailymail.com reported that replacing lost socks costs the average UK household $178 per year (converted to US currency). Using the same household formula as above, EWC concludes that the average UK household will spend $8,900 in their lifetime replacing lost socks. Although we lack US statistics, one may determine from these numbers that a US household's cost would be comparable.

                                                                                       EasyMate© SOLUTIONS

Each EasyMate© user spends 3 seconds each day clipping their socks to their EasyMate© at the hamper at the end of the day. When applying the previously-mentioned family of 4 formula, this translates into a household amount of 58.5 hours in a lifetime as opposed to spending 1,980 hours searching for sock mates without it. Accordingly, daily use of the EasyMate© system will save a family 3,384% more hours in their lifetime compared to not using the system. The current one-time purchase price of EasyMates© for a family of 4 is $148 on Kickstarter, representing a savings amount of $8,752 in their lifetime. In the event that their EasyMates© need replacement, their savings would still be significant.

According to a national US survey released by Braun Research in fall 2014, 82% of 1,001 parents said they had chores as children, but only 28% of parents give children chores. However, 75% responded that regular chores made kids "more responsible" and 63% said chores teach kids "important life lessons". In 2015, Common Sense Media reported that teens spend 9 hours a day consuming media, which includes watching TV, videos and movies, playing video games, reading, listening to music and checking social media.

                                                                                     EasyRewards© SOLUTIONS

EWC believes we've solved these dilemmas as you will see in the following EasyRewards© section of this website. An added bonus of this system is that young children learn how to count and use money and all children learn to save. In the chart, it is recommended that a parent reward a child with 10 extra tokens per 100 tokens saved. Not only does this encourage them to save, it also gives them a basic understanding early on of how interest works.
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